Research suggests that the ingredients in turmeric could be beneficial for alleviating symptoms of joint-related diseases. Turmeric is commonly used in curries and blends of teas, and is known for its bright yellow colouring.

The spice has been historically used in traditional Indian medicine, and has now shown to be an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective.

Recently, research has suggested turmeric contains chemicals that can help with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). As the natural form of turmeric is considered to be safe, taking the spice as a supplement could be a great way to boost your diet, and fight against diseases that affect the joints (such as RA).


Why Does Turmeric Help Your Joints?


Turmeric has been suggested to reduce inflammation suffered by joint-related diseases, having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies have also been conducted suggesting that the ingredients in turmeric helps to lower blood sugar.

RA is a condition where the body mistakenly attacks itself, more specifically the healthy tissue in the joints. This results in inflammation around the area, and subsequently leads to damage in the joints and bones.

As turmeric holds anti-inflammatory properties, it’s no surprise that the natural spice has been linked with alleviating the joints in sufferers of RA. Whilst studies have shown promising links, more research is required to truly understand the extent of how turmeric’s ingredients can help with RA.


How Does Turmeric Help Your Joints?


It is suggested that turmeric helps to alleviate inflammation around the joints due to one of its active chemical ingredients – curcumin. Research has shown that curcumin blocks particular enzymes that contribute to inflammation, and has been linked to improvements in people with RA during studies.

Curcumin has shown to hold benefits for inflammatory diseases, cancer and depression, conditions which have been reported as common in those with RA. Therefore, turmeric might provide a more holistic group of benefits than simply alleviating the joints.


How Much Turmeric Do You Need to Help Your Bones?


Turmeric has also been suggested to help with bone health, one study suggesting that the spice could improve bone density by 7%. As previously mentioned, the active ingredients in turmeric has also been linked to alleviating inflammation suffered by those with RA, a disease which can damage the joints and bones.

You can take turmeric in a variety of different ways. Many use it as a spice in curries, and other meals. Turmeric contains between 2 – 9 % curcumin, the chemical that has been linked to alleviating joints in people with RA. Thankfully, studies have shown that curcumin is safe to consume in high doses.

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