Unhealthy cholesterol levels can have significant impact on your health, increasing the chances of a stroke or heart attack. Within the body, you will have LDLs (low-density lipoproteins) and HDLs (high-density lipoproteins). HDLs carry “good” cholesterol and LDLs carry “bad” cholesterol, that can cause heart disease by building up in the arteries.

In order to reduce the risk of this happening, it’s important to maintain low LDL levels. There are various supplements that can help in lowering these levels, some of which are as follows:


  • Turmeric
  • Flaxseed
  • Ginger
  • Red Yeast Rice


Taking supplements such as those listed above can help to reduce your levels of LDLs, helping to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol and thereby promote overall health and physical wellbeing.




Turmeric is a spice now well-known for its medicinal potential. It contains a chemical known as Curcumin, which contains strong anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has been known to hold many different health benefits, promoting liver health, joint pain and more. It has also been claimed that turmeric may also have a part to play in reducing cholesterol, with one study showing that participants who took supplements of turmeric for three months reduced their LDL cholesterol by 42%.




The oil and seeds from the Flax flower are known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are renowned for having a variety of different health benefits, such as increasing the levels of HDL (or “good”) cholesterol. It order to get the most from the flax, use both its oil and the seeds. It’s important to ground the flaxseeds first in order to break the outer shell that our bodies can’t penetrate.




Ginger has been known for holding a wide variety of different health benefits, including promoting healthy digestion, reducing overall stomach upset and alleviating nausea. It has also been shown through studies to both lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol within the body. Taking ginger supplements can therefore help to promote healthy levels of cholesterol, helping to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack.


Red Yeast Rice


Red yeast rice is essentially fermented white rice that has been known for its cholesterol-lowering properties. It contains the compound Monacolin K. Monacolin K has the same chemical composition as Lovastatin, which is a medication that is used to treat high cholesterol.


Why Would You Need Supplements for Cholesterol Health?


Maintaining low levels of LDL cholesterol is vital in protecting the body from heart disease. People who have high levels of this “bad” cholesterol will typically want to take supplements to help lower these levels and help make themselves less at risk of health complications.

Maintaining low levels of LDLs is important for everyone, not just those who already have high levels. Therefore, most people can benefit from taking supplements for cholesterol health.


Using Tea as a Supplement for Cholesterol Health


Teas can also be used as supplements for cholesterol health, often containing numerous beneficial ingredients to help promote lower levels of LDL cholesterol. Nutra Tea’s NutraLipid contains a range of different ingredients to help regulate cholesterol levels and prevent an overload of LDLs within the bloodstream.

Nutra Tea uses 100% raw ingredients in all of its teas, collecting ingredients from over 20 different countries to provide unique blends to our customers.



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