Sleep is essential in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. It can help to promote both physical and mental health, and further boost productivity during the day. Sleep is vital to maintain healthy function of the brain. It also helps children and adolescents to grow during this vital period of development.

There are many different ways people can help themselves to get a good night’s rest, including the following:


  • Having a set bedtime
  • An hour of rest before bed
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep an optimal sleeping environment


By putting these methods into practice, people can help to create the optimal environment for a healthy sleep, promoting brain function and overall health and wellbeing.


Having a Set Bedtime


It can be useful to have a set bedtime to create a healthy sleeping pattern. Picking a time during the night where you feel tired and going to bed at this time every night can help the body to develop a strong internal clock. This can improve overall sleeping habits, and help sync up to the body’s natural sleeping cycle, meaning you’ll feel more refreshed and energised when waking up.


An Hour of Rest Before Bed


Avoiding lots of activity and bright, artificial lights an hour before going to bed can help the brain to relax, reducing the risk of restlessness whilst trying to fall asleep. Doing lots of exercise or being exposed to bright lights can stimulate the brain into thinking it should stay awake. Avoid watching TV or going on the computer/phone during this hour, and using that time to relax the brain can help people to fall asleep easier.


Exercise Regularly


Exercising regularly can help to reduce anxiety levels which can commonly be associated with restlessness and difficulty sleeping. It helps to relieve tension in the muscles whilst also promoting neurochemicals that help to reduce anxiety.

When done at the right time, it can also help to promote the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. When exercising in the afternoon, the body temperature is temporarily raised, dropping in the following hours going into the night, which can trigger tiredness.


Optimal Sleeping Environment


When asleep, your body temperature will drop naturally. To help create the optimum conditions to encourage this, it might be good to sleep in cool room that will help to drop the body’s temperature and stimulate the natural sleeping conditions. As artificial light can also send signals to the brain to stay awake, going to sleep in a dark room can help to avoid this from causing restlessness, and promote the optimal conditions for the body to sleep in.


Why Would You Need Remedies to Help You Sleep?


Having sleep deficiency can have a great impact upon a person’s daily life, including their work, thought process, and how they communicate with others. If sleep deficiency becomes an ongoing issue, this can also lead to some chronic health issues.

Getting a good night’s sleep is therefore vital not only in supporting everyday mental function, but also to help prevent health issues from occurring down the line.


Using Tea as a Remedy to Help You Sleep


There are blends of tea that can also help to promote sleep. Nutra Tea’s NutraRelax is made up from a unique blend of ingredients that help to tackle insomnia, and encourage relaxation during bedtime. Nutra Tea’s products do not contain any additives and are made up entirely from raw ingredients, acquired from over 20 countries to create phenomenal tasting teas.



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