Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a beautiful herb beloved since ancient times for its therapeutic effect on the nervous system. Inhaling its aroma soothes and mildly sedates. Drinking tea brewed from its purple flowers relaxes mind and muscles, improving sleep quality, mood, and digestion. Lavender’s volatile oils have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions. NutraHead and NutraRelax are tea blends that combine lavender with other relaxing herbs that reduce tension and promote clear, positive thinking. Lavender’s general safety makes it the perfect calming tea for anxious, restless elders and children.

Lavender relaxes mindConstituents

Lavender flowers contain more than 100 compounds. The dominant constituents are:

  • Volatile oils linalyl acetate, linalool, lavandulyl acetate, borneol, and limonene
  • Coumarins
  • Triterpenes
  • Flavonoids

Its volatile oils account for its therapeutic aroma, which contains notes of citrus, as well as its antimicrobial actions. Its flavonoids empower it to fight inflammation.


Lavender Tea for Relaxation and Mood

In conjunction with appropriate healthcare, lavender tea is proven to improve nervous tension, anxiety, and depression. Incorporating complementary relaxing herbs in a lavender tea blend, like NutraRelax, is particularly effective for this purpose. It exerts a gentle, strengthening, stabilizing effect on the nervous system, hence its status as a nervine. Drinking lavender bud tea and inhaling its steam can relieve stress-related headaches and relax muscle tension. Lavender is most relaxing in the moment, and the most benefits are observed with consistent, long-term use.


Lavender Tea for Sleep

Stress can cause restlessness and make it difficult to sleep soundly, or at all. Lavender tea can significantly reduce psychological distress, and in doing so, reduce sleep disturbance and combat insomnia. Lavender metaphorically opens the crowded mind so some contents can be moved out, especially obsessive, negative thoughts that induce tension. Massage with lavender oil before bedtime is particularly effective at improving sleep quality.

Lavender oil is antimicrobialLavender Tea for Digestion

The aromatic herb stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric juices, improving the mobility of the GI tract. Its antispasmodic properties soothe stomach cramps related to indigestion and even menstruation. Indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea caused by bacterial infection can be cleared with lavender tea thanks to the antibacterial, anti-fungal properties of its volatile oils. It’s been observed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms including E. coli, Staph, and Candida. Its volatile oils also fight inflammation, providing some relief for inflammatory bowel disorder.


Plant of Cleanliness

Belonging to the Lamiaceae family, Lavender is a perennial with whorls of blue, violet, or lilac-colored flowers on spikes that rise above its foliage. Native to the mediterranean, it grows most happily in dry soil, with full sun, on a mountain, misted by an ocean breeze. Its flowers yield abundant nectar and make excellent honey. Lavender’s name derives from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash.” Romans infused their baths with large amounts of lavender for aromatherapy and to benefit from the herb’s antibacterial, antifungal properties. A modern herbalist joke is that lavender is indicated for people who feel unclean, or who hold themselves to unrealistically high standards.  Energetically, the plant is a cooling stimulant.

NutraRelax and NutraHead

NutraTea herbalists harness lavender’s relaxing powers when they designed NutraRelax and NutraHead, two distinctly relaxing tea blends. NutraRelax specifically targets anxiety, mixing lavender flowers with other herbs that support nervous system health, like chamomile and lemon balm. Who can think clearly when they’re tense? NutraHead recognizes that relaxation promotes clear thinking, and balances calming lavender with mentally stimulating, circulatory herbs like peppermint and cinnamon. It is common nowadays to feel overworked, stressed beyond capacity, and unable to relax. Lean on a time-honored, scientifically validated remedy: lavender tea for relaxation of the mind and muscles, enabling deep sleep and clear thinking.