“All-Healing” Herb for Energy and Stamina

Increased energy and faster recovery from fatigue are proven benefits of the root of the plant Panax ginseng. Ginseng has been used for five thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine, which reveres it as “king of the tonic herbs.” The stimulating plant is considered an adaptogen because it helps the body bounce back from physical, mental, and emotional stress. Ginsenosides are ginseng’s active constituents. More than thirty ginsenosides in ginseng demonstrate multiple bioactivities and offer diverse health benefits. Ginseng can improve athletic performance, immunity, circulation, digestion, brain function, and sexual function. It can even help prevent cancer due to its polysaccharide content. No wonder its genus name, Panax, derives from the Greek word for “all-healing.”


Ginseng increases energy thanks to ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are a type of triterpene saponins; they protect the ginseng plant from insects. Metabolized in the mammalian body, ginsenosides promote optimal energy utilization and decrease fatigue-related metabolites. Ginseng is a safe supplement for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or “neurasthenia.” Over time, it increases energy. Inflammation can produce fatigue. Ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties lessen fatigue associated with inflammation.

Physical Performance

Supplementing with ginseng increases muscle mass. It also increases physical stamina, partially by increasing oxygen uptake of muscles. It is considered an ergogenic aid, meaning it improves athletic performance. After exercise, it accelerates physical recovery.

Brain Function

Ginsenosides offer neuroprotective benefits by increasing circulation to the brain and preventing oxidative damage. It can improve memory, concentration, and the capacity for abstract thought. It is helpful in cases of neurodegeneration and age-related cognitive impairment.


Ginseng supports health of the central nervous system. When stress and exhaustion cause low libido and sexual dysfunction, ginseng can help. As a vasodilatory stimulant, it can help erectile dysfunction by improving circulation. Ginseng can also help relieve chronic anxiety and insomnia.


Supplementing with ginseng promotes gut homeostasis. Ginseng can modulate the gut microbiota by increasing probiotics and decreasing pathogenic bacteria. Its antimicrobial properties ward off food poisoning and stomach upset. It prevents diarrhea and chronic diseases associated with a lack of diverse gut microbiota, like obesity and diabetes.


Polysaccharides in ginseng stimulate the immune system. The herb increases the number of immune cells in the blood. Consequentially, it decreases the likelihood of catching the common cold and improves the immune system’s response to the flu vaccine.



Ginseng is an anti-neoplastic herb, meaning it prevents cancer. Polysaccharides in ginseng induces a healthy rate of apoptosis. Apoptosis derives from the Latin for “to fall off,” like an old leaf from a tree. It’s normal, programmed cell death that enables new cells to grow and replace worn-out cells. Without apoptosis, cancers grow. Ginseng supports apoptosis, helping prevent cancer.


The perennial ginseng plant has a sturdy taproot that is tan and gnarled with stringy shoots. Many say it resembles the human form. This member of the Araliaceae family has palmate, compound leaves. The ginseng flower is a single, bisexual umbel. Its fruits are bright red drupes. Ginseng root contains optimal ginsenoside content after seven years. Nine ginseng species exist.



Emperor Shen-Nung was the second of China’s mythical emperors (3500-2600 BCE). Called the father of Chinese medicine, he tasted and catalogued over three-hundred-sixty-five herb species. Shen-Nung had a “crystal-like belly” through which he watched herbs react. When he chewed the root of ginseng, Shen Nung observed a warm, aphrodisiac effect. He believed the more the root resembled the human form, the more potent its medicine for rejuvenation.


NutraTea’s Ginseng and Ginger

Ginseng is traditionally formulated with one or more other herbs. NutraTea herbalists crafted a blend of equal parts ginseng root and ginger root. This stimulating, warming combination of herbs restores healthy energy and accelerates recovery from mental and physical fatigue. Ginseng and ginger help your body manage stress and heal itself after you’ve pushed yourself past your limits. Both roots boost immunity, improve circulation, and prevent indigestion. Whether you’re relaxing from a long workout or after a stressful, chilly day, this blend exists to help your body reach homeostasis and optimal energy.